Bogart K-Log

Bogart K-Log 2.1

Bogart K-Log records all keystrokes and every click made ??on your computer, also save of screen snapshots periodicall

Bogart K-Log records all keystrokes and every click made ??on your computer, also save of screen snapshots periodicall

Bogart K-Log is a powerful software for the control of all the activities that take place in your computer, we see some of its main features.Recording all the keystrokes:

All keystrokes typed on who is using the computer will be stored in a text file. You can altresi display addresses of websites visited, programs used and files opened. Screenshot of the screen:

The program stores the screen snapshots at regular intervals or on every mouse click. You can then view them with wiever integrated in Bogart K-Log. View data stored:

To view the data stored the program contains a practical Viewer integrated, simply select the day, in order to view all the text log and massively images, even at full screen and slideshow mode.

Safe and invisible

Bogart K-Log works invisibly, no one can accorgesi that the program is running, only you with your password, you can make it visible and control when registered. For added security files are stored encrypted.

Simple to use, at work or in family

Bogart K-Log is simple to install and configure, also has a practical wizard that will guide you in a few moves in the customization of the software. Download your copy now, Bogart K-Log once installed will work automatically, without maintenance in total autonomy .

Sending log in PDF format:

A vaccations other keyloggers, Bogart K-Log sends the data stored in the handy PDF format, you can read and store the log without purchasing additional seat licenses.Setup Wizard: For advanced configuration of Bogart K-Log you can use the wizard. A handy wizard will help you to customize the program quickly and easily.

Automatic uninstall: E 'can configure Bogart K-Log for you to uninstall completely from your computer silently on a fixed date.

Bogart K-Log


Bogart K-Log 2.1

User reviews about Bogart K-Log

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    "It is an easy to use and with many options"

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    reviewed on October 31, 2015

  • LoisHiggs92

    by LoisHiggs92

    "It´s hepful to control your PC and home PCs"

    It is very easy to install on my PC. I am using to control PCs in my home and it is is truly comfortable to use. I haven... More.

    reviewed on August 20, 2015